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About us

Hello. We are Marked Perception – nice to meet you.


Today Marked Perception has evolved into a creative communications agency specialising in advertising, marketing, brand development and design.

Our ethos is to design bigger,better and more effectively to guarantee success for all our clients.

While we can do engaging advertising, marketing and design work for any category or business sector, we choose to only work alongside brands who are willing to push the boundaries in order to engage their audience and strengthen their brand awareness.

With 25 years creative experience under our belts we have learnt a few things along the way:



• Clients demand honesty.

• Innovation.

• Intelligent thinking.

• The unexpected.

• Our respect.


Although we design identities, build brands and advertise them, developing effective brands and strong marketing communications for all our clients. Our greatest strength lies is the ability to bring  brands  to life.

It would be against our principles to have rules when it comes to advertising, marketing or design but we do have a few:


• Design must be unique.

• Marketing must provoke a response

• Print is not flat and interactive advertising must be true to its       name.

Our creative team collaborate through every marketing and advertising channel that makes sense like design for print, outdoor advertising, viral , gorilla, interactive and event marketing to ensure we deliver work that makes people think and feel.

Just because we have a design process it doesn’t make us a factory as no two designs created are alike, but there is one thing they all have in common! They all produce great results.

It’s safe to say when it comes to creative design, marketing or advertising, Marked Perception the friendly advertising, marketing and design agency in Leeds and our creative team stay true to our roots – whatever the challenge, we find the quality of something that determines its character, create an emotional connection to its audience and make it great. Strengthening its perception and peoples ability to see and become more frequently aware of it.

We see all our clients as partners. Relationships are everything and mutual respect is key.

Our way of thinking results in connecting brands in meaningful ways to their audience with the help of forward thinking people. We enjoy design, advertising and marketing that much that it is with our clients help we are able to continue growing whilst doing what we love to do.

Why not have a look around and give our Leeds design agency a call if you have a project in mind or need some advice and help on 0113 394 4522.

Are we right for you

It’s a fact! We won’t be right for everyone.

We don’t have a specialist sector, how could we when it’s our number one goal to ensure each of our clients are perceived to be the best in their fields.

That’s why at markedperception our team will take all the time needed to get to know you, your business, USP’s, target market and your competition before we suggest or put any of our ideas on paper. To get the most out of your marketing and brand engagement it’s essential that we know your business inside out as well as we know ours.

We don’t do what you ask.We question not what you need, but why it is you need it and if we believe there is a better approach then be warned that we won’t be scared to tell you or demonstrate a way to achieve a better outcome.

If after this time you are still not convinced! Then we will put your ideas on paper, match them with ours and let you be the judge out of the designs which creates the strongest message and the most impact.

We don’t do ‘boardrooms’. We are an agency that takes inspiration from everything around us – the earths elements, mans creation and everything vertically and horizontal. Yes we have lots of meetings in boardrooms with corporate clients but we push the boundaries, always ensuring to challenge the status quo.

After all no company ever rocked their industry by playing it safe. So we look to inject great ideas in order to achieve personality, life and emotion into your campaigns.

We are personal. Although we are able to offer you pretty much every discipline under one roof when it comes to marketing your business, built on over 20 years of industry connections, knowledge and know-how.

At Marked Perception we don’t have account handlers. We have designers and experts who put their time and energy into getting the job right while you have one point of contact Mark  who will be your first port of call, respond to your requirements, solve any problems, do your donkey work and generally whatever it takes to ensure you are happy and looked after.

If you have a challenge or project in mind why not drop Mark Womersley a line on +44 (0) 113 394 4522 or get in touch via our content form below.









 We have recently been infected with Mark’s enthusiasm and tenacity during our recent company rebrand and development of our new company logo, business stationery and website! Mark has the ability to bring together a talented, creative ‘family’ your text[/button]and his work is characterised by incisive, attentive and timely communication. We found Marked Perception to be completely focused on progressing and completing the project in hand and we were appreciative of Mark’s expertise and flexibility when it was required. 

Michael Hague

Owner/ Director

Investment For Life

Are you right for us

We’d like to hope so!

At Marked Perception we love to partner and work alongside like minded people. It ensures better results and creates a happier atmosphere, while building trust, friendships and lasting relationships. We believe creativity should be enjoyed and work should not feel like work. The old Chinese saying: Do a job you love and you’ll never do a day’s work in your life, are the words we live by…We like everyday to feel like it’s a Friday.

Far from often clients approach us because they are looking for fresh ideas. Have a vision but need guidance to turn their vision into reality. Require a fresh set of eyes that can create something new and improved,  or are simply looking for an agency that will push the boundaries to guarantee brand engagement.

All we ask is that you tell us everything about your business, market place and competition. Then remain open minded to new ideas, solutions and strategies and are as passionate about your business and brand awareness as we all will be. If you do all this then will promise to help you grow.

If you’d like Marked Perception and all it’s creative team to become part of your team then dot be shy and get in touch with us. Contact Mark Womersley today.





 Having worked closely with Mark now since 2002 we have come to realise he has skills in an array of creative sectors that makes Marked Perception our agency of choice. Knowing we can contact Mark 24/7 for all our design, print and mailing requirements strengthens our trust and confidence in the services Marked Perception provide and as a result has lead to creating a very special relationship which is something we cannot put a price on.