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Advantages Of Direct Mail

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If the internet is so great, why do the big boys like Sky, Virgin and the high street banks still insist on using Direct Mail in their marketing strategy to win new custom?

The answer is, because the internet is great but if you limit your marketing to the internet only, you are probably missing out on 50% of potential sales that could be coming through your doors.


Leeds Direct Mail Company Marked Perception having managed direct mail campaigns for a number of it’s clients over the years and past 11 months this year alone, understand the advantages of Direct Mail and know all to well that there is still a ‘massive’ proportion of the UK population who respond brilliantly to physical ‘stuff’ sent to them in the post. It is safe to say that many of these potential customers of yours are not bothering with emails as day-to-day volumes landing in their inboxes increase [filtering out those emails from people they know and those that just appear to be blanket mailings] , everyone uses Facebook etc, so if you’re not mailing them, trust us you’re losing out.

Direct Mail presently is such an important subject for you and your business, that if you want to outsmart your competition and be clever and cunning then here at Leeds Direct Mail Company Marked Perception we’re always willing to give you FREE advise on direct mail solutions, TIPS on how to go about starting you’re campaign and ways to increase your profits using the power of Direct Mail.

A Few TIPS we recommend:


1/ Give the reader what they are wanting to read…giving them an offer that’s to good to be true.

2/ Be precise. Tell your audience what they’ll get and what they are missing out on if they don’t take you up on your offer today.

3/ Repeat the offer. If you are giving away something for free, or there is a limited time frame to receive a discount or something for free repeat it throughout your campaign It’s important to add it at the start, the middle and the end.

4/ Limit your offer. Make sure the reader has to react there and then. If your offer doesn’t gauge an action there and then you can guarantee they’ll leave it until another day and guarantee they will be likely to forget about it altogether.

5/ Ensure a ‘call to action’. Inform people clearly what the next step is to claim their offer.

6/ Add a unique code so you can track the response of your marketing campaign, there is very little point in investing both your time ad money in a direct mail campaign if you can not measure its success.

7/ Make it compelling. You want your potential customer to contact you.


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For further information about the advantages of direct mail – Leeds Direct Mail company Marked Perception will give you all the advise you need for FREE. Just contact Mark Womersley direct on +44 (0) 113 394 4522 and get started today before your competition catch on, ditch the internet and make it a level playing once field again.



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