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Good advertising changes the perception of everything.


At markedperception we will work with you on the process making sure your product and services are known and advertised in their market sectors.

We ensure to spread the word about what your company has to offer, communicating to potential customers the existence of your product and service and the benefits you provide.


Great advertising makes good food taste even better.It makes cars run better.


If you want your advertising to engage customers and potential new leads then that’s what we do at Leeds advertising agency Marked Perception: we make all our clients advertising campaigns eye-catching, thought provoking and visually stimulating.


Areas of experience:


  • Print Advertising
  • Guerilla Advertising
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Outdoor Advertising
  • Public Service Advertising
  • Retail Advertising
  • Online Advertising


Have a project you need help with? Let’s talk! We’d love to learn all about it.


If you have time why not send us your brief or you can call Mark Womersley on +44 (0) 113 394 4522, or get in touch via our quick enquiry form





 Hi Mark, Chris & Collette,

We just wanted to say thank you so much for all your hard work designing our new brochure.

Who would have thought after meeting Mark three years ago at The Manchester Furniture Show he would have made such an impression.  When it was time to have a complete new brochure design we only had one name to consider. Marked Perception.

True professionals, articulate and perfectionists, we feel they have taken our business to the next level with their designs.
We would have no hesitation in recommending this company.

Looking forward to working with you all again.

Kind Regards

Gill & Andrew Finch
Stroolmount UK ltd 




Brand Naming



Your brand name is the start of your story. It plays a monumental role in your brand’s growth and perception, meaning it can completely make or break your company.


Let’s face it brand naming isn’t easy.

Communicating the heart of your business in a word or two and is part science, part art. Your brand name is the start of your story. The words you use to identify your product or service are what will make people curious to know more – a word or phrase that draws them in.

If you were to write down a list of the most successful brands today it would be they’re names that you would jot down not their logos.

When choosing a name for your company, product or service there are many factors that you will need to consider. That’s why here at Leeds design agency  markedperception we always begin the naming process with our own set of questions to help identify a name that’s best for you.

A series of questions that help us to identify what the name should represent. Who your competition is and what they are called. Plus what the market sector is that you perform in, the audience that you are wanting to engage and the core values of your business that you want to reflect in your name and branding.

Once these key questions have been answered, we can then begin to brainstorm ideas and present to you possible solutions.

Questions asked:


  • Sum up in a few words your business idea to someone you’ve never met or who has no knowledge of your company, product or service?
  • Describe the need or solution that your company, product or service addresses?
  • Who’s your target market? Their gender, age, location and other demographic characteristics?
  • Provide 10-15 words that describes the key features and USP’s of your product or service?
  • Identify 10-15 key words that you would like to communicate to potential customers about your company?
  • Who’s your target market? Their gender, age, location and other demographic characteristics?
  • What is it that makes you unique?
  • Are there any names to date that you have considered? If so what are they and why did they come to mind.
  • Are there any words that you do not want included?


Trying to come up with a name? Let’s talk! We’d love to help you.


If you are trying to come up with a name then markedperception would love to help you – If you have time why not call Mark Womersley on +44 (0) 113 394 4522, or get in touch via our quick enquiry form and let our team help you get the most out of your brand from the start.



Brand Strategy



Getting your brand strategy right straight from the start will guarantee return on your investment.


There are some good brands out there which have evolved by chance, but the great brands haven’t. This is because behind every great brand is an even greater brand strategy, carefully guiding and constantly remodelling to the world around it.


Here at Leeds design agency Marked Perception it’s not in our nature to create mediocre or good brands! We want to help create great brands that reflect more than just the fundamental values of the product or service.

We closely work alongside our clients, matching their passion for their product with our own enthusiasm for design.

A well designed brand is often one of the most precious assets a company can own but like all assets it needs to be appreciated and valued.

Only when the value of the brand is truly understood, can it be used it its full potential – gaining that understanding.

Understanding those values  is what our team at Marked Perception does best – We get underneath your brand and develop it’s full potential.




  • Our Leeds design agency  will work closely with you from the moment we meet to establish a vision of your brand that means something, not an random assertion that can be mistaken for anyone else or a flippant reference that inspires no one. Via a process of research and creative brainstorming together we will develop an initial understanding that will challenge perceptions and establish the facts.
  • Moving forward this research and creative brainstorming will be used as a platform that we can then use to develop  creative solutions that address any preconceptions. These solutions can presented as mood boards or visuals, the purpose of which is to encourage discussions helping to  establish how the brand should be communicated.
  • From this point the brand is being cultivated and developed through a series of stages, pursuing various options until together we find the best solution for your business and it is only at this stage that a branding strategy can truly be considered and developed – it’s only when you have a vision and the creative ideas that you can you start to build the brand and apply it to the marketing challenges you face.


Once Marked Perception have helped to build a brand for you, then we will speak to you about creating your brand guidelines, providing consistency to the look and styling of every element that incorporates your brand to ensure all of your hard work isn’t undone.

Have a project you need help with? Let’s talk! We’d love to learn all about it.


If you have time why not send us your brief or you can call Mark Womersley on +44 (0) 113 394 4522, or get in touch via our quick enquiry form



Brand Identity


When creating or refreshing your corporate identity we offer a full brand agency service that covers your needs from strategy to application.


Our  Capabilities.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Guidelines.
  • Art Direction.
  • Logo and Corporate Identity.
  • Stationery.
  • Marketing Materials.
  • Brochure and Branded Communications.
  • Exhibition and POS.
  • Signage {External and Internal)
  • Restaurant Menus, Books and Journals.
  • Packaging.
  • Corporate Merchandise.
  • Website and E-Commerce.
  • Online and Social Advertising.


 People fall in love with Brands. Trust them. Develop strong loyalty to them. Buy them and believe in their superiority. If you want your business to portray a reliable impression then your brand and identity has to make a strong first impression as things get sold on brand and image. 


Why markedperception.

  • We manage the whole brand process under one roof.
  • We do it all from naming to strategy, concept to design.
  • Offer a wider choice of designers.
  • On demand – ready when you are.
  • Scalable – any project any size.
  • Every project is developed in stages – Analysis. Concept. Development. Artwork and Production.
  • One-to-one human support, 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Commit to deadlines.
  • Guarantee delivery whatever the requirements , no matter how great the project

Why not take a look at our portfolio


Have a project you need help with? Let’s talk! We’d love to learn all about it.

 If you have time why not send us your brief or for further information you can call Mark Womersley  on +44 (0) 113 394 4522, or get in touch via our quick enquiry form



 We have recently been infected with Mark’s enthusiasm and tenacity during our recent company rebrand and development of our new company logo, business stationery and website! Mark has the ability to bring together a talented, creative ‘family’ your text[/button]and his work is characterised by incisive, attentive and timely communication. We found Marked Perception to be completely focused on progressing and completing the project in hand and we were appreciative of Mark’s expertise and flexibility when it was required. 

Creative Design



We can look after all your creative demands from concept to artwork.


Graphic design is about communication. Good communication requires a good strategy, creative thinking and a flexible design team who are on hand to help you deliver your key messages where you need them, when you need them. We have a talented teams of designers who combine creative skill and technical expertise to provide engaging brand, and graphic design communications that are both bespoke and unique to capture the imagination of your audience..


Here at markedperception, we’ve spent the last 9 years working alongside our clients offering design solutions for all their needs. We appreciate busy people need an agency that can simply get the job done with little or no hassle. We make all our clients marketing products beautiful in design, eye-catching, unique and simple to understand. Designing everything from a 2 page flyer to luxury bespoke brochures. Direct mail solutions, point of sale to product merchandise and packaging. We’ll always challenge the ‘Status Quo’ setting you apart from your competition and engaging your audience.


Our Capabilities


  • Leaflets/ Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Annual Reports
  • Corporate Folders
  • Direct Mail Solutions
  • Packaging
  • Exhibition Displays
  • Point Of Sale
  • Brand Marchandise
  • Outdoor Advertising


Why markedperception

  • Everything you need from an agency under one roof.
  • We do it all from branding to design, print to fulfilment.
  • Offer a wide choice of designers.
  • On demand ready when you are.
  • Scalable – any project, any size.
  • FREE amends.
  • Design rates from £50 (per hour)
  • Transparent quoting.
  • Bespoke, tailored projects unique to your needs.
  • Growth by design.


Our portfolio


Have a project in mind and would like our help? Creative Agency Leeds, Marked Perception are here to help. If you have time why not send us your brief or you can call Mark Womersley on 0+44 (0) 113 394 4522, or get in touch via our quick enquiry form




 When sourcing a marketing or design agency I often break it down into three decisive factors – ability to be creative, value for money and the passion of the Account Manager. Marked Perception ticks all three boxes.

In the past I have always had the frustration of chasing Account Managers to hit deadlines, Marked Perception is the opposite – they pursue me to BEAT them! And it’s not like I then receive substandard rushed design work, it is always to brief whilst pushing creative boundaries and all within budget. Simply put, it is an absolute pleasure working with Mark Womersley and his team.

Jonathan Harper.

Marketing Manager. Sash UK. South Yorkshire

Print Management


Offering a complete range of print management solutions!

At Marked Perception we take the complexity out of managing your print and fulfilment.We handle everything, from samples,mock-ups and prototypes right through to execution of large volume runs. Providing you with increased control and visibility over your project, while getting your finished goods delivered quicker – at a lower cost for high quality work.

Whether you’re looking for solutions or better print management; we can help with everything from print to point of sale management, fulfilment to direct mail solutions. Our procurement infrastructure is based on three firm foundations: sourcing, print management expertise and supple chain management.

Admittedly we do not own our printing plants but over the years have trialled for test performance, quality and suitability  numerous suppliers and have built strong relationships along the way with  an awful lot of people who do. Today we now select from a vast roster of suppliers, so you have piece of mind that your project will be placed with the best in class, within each specialist print area which includes:


Our Capabilities


  • Corporate Stationery
  • Marketing Print
  • Direct mail Print
  • Point of Sale Print
  • Premium Packaging
  • Merchandise Print
  • Sampling (mock-ups/ prototypes)
  • Fulfilment
  • Mailing Services
  • Stock Management
  • Distribution

Ensuring your investment works for you and your budgets goes further.

From the printing of a leaflet to the production of a complex campaign, from concept through to delivery of the finished product we manage the entire process and your expectations.

With every enquiry submitted we will match your requirements with our most suited rostered suppliers, presenting you with a minimum of 3 price comparisons.

We use a full range of printing methods across sheet, continuous, web, flexo, litho and digital, so whatever you require for what ever volume we will always be utilising the best and most cost effective route.

At Marked Perception our team will closely press pass every item that we produce, checking colour consistency, quality and finishing whether its for 1 copy or 1,000,000 copies.

Finally we guarantee to deliver back to you a seamless project that has been totally overseen by us – saving you not only your time, but money and stress.

Every experience that I have of working with Marked Perception has been positive beyond compare. The invaluable mix of outstanding customer service and reactivity, expert knowledge and high quality product has helped me to build great relationships and trust with my luxury brand clients by delivering above and beyond their expectations every time. I would recommend the services of Marked Perception without question every time.



Need our help?

Leeds print management solutions company Marked Perception will advise and introduce you to a range of new techniques and cost effective solutions that will help make that right impression, sourcing and managing your print from start to finish on your behalf.

5 Questions to ask yourself:

•  Do I want to reduce my total print costs?
• Do I want to reduce my print procurement administration costs?
• Do I want a quicker and more effective route to market?
• Do I want my print manage production and finishing managed hassle free?
• Do I want problems dealt with and solved?

If you have answered “yes for any of the above then Marked Perception are here to help. Call us today on +44 (0) 113 394 4522 or fill out our quick enquiry form.




The thought!

With far more choice at unbelievable prices, we like life to be simple. So our print management ensures you don’t have to source third party printers or mailing houses to complete your projects, as we partner an array of elite state of the art large print manufacturers, alongside smaller more traditional printers in the north to provide your print solutions. Our belief is to offer you everything you need under one roof without wasting anymore time surfing the internet or local directories for printers and print finishers. And here’s the best bit, with every job we quote, we’ll compare our rostered suppliers and offer you 3 of our most competitive trade prices, so you don’t have to spend your day going around town price comparing or having to accept the price of the first printer you go to.

The Idea!

We’re not fobbed off by excuses for poor quality print or jobs that aren’t delivered on time. So we represent all our clients to ensure great service and high quality that’s delivered on time, every time. Leeds print management company Marked Perception have joined forces with some of the best commercial printers and mailing houses in the north of England  who are all to familiar with how quality print strengthens any marketing message. With 20 years of industry knowledge, we are creatives who have worked in the print sector as account directors or prepress operators. So our print procurement division source the right technique and quality at the right price for you. Managing all aspects of our clients print requirement from stationery to literature. Packaging to  point of sale. Print collation to direct mail campaigns.

The Result!

With one point of contact at all times, we’ll offer you a very personal service guaranteeing, if you’re unhappy with the quality of print,  then you won’t pay for it until it’s right. Our Leeds print management company will also guarantee to make your life simple! guaranteeing to drive down cost. Manage colour and quality. Look after you and your companies needs. Providing a wealth of knowledge on techniques, print finishing, and paper options. Supplying you every time with high quality print, finishing and direct mail solutions to enhance the perception of your business, acting as a major arsenal in your communication. Leaving lasting impression while influencing your brand, products and service.


Why not visit our portfolio selecting ‘Print Management’ to view a selection of our work to date.


Marked Perception area print management company that offers high quality print and promotional sourcing solutions, that will save you time and money. Our friendly and personal team can take care of every aspect of your print project from repro to print, finishing to distribution, ensuring an effortless process from start to finish. As a business we focus our attention on good communication. We work with our clients in partnership, seeking to understand the challenges that they face, while adapting our business and way of thinking to best support their needs in order to achieve and deliver the best end results.

  • Business stationery.
  • Leaflets, brochures and sales collateral.
  • Exhibition.
  • Outdoor advertising.
  • Signage.
  • Interior graphics.
  • Packaging.
  • Prototype solutions.
  • Merchandise.


Need our help with a project?  Marked Perception are here to help. Call Mark Womersley now on +44 (0) 113 394 4522 or fill out our enquiry form.






Image is everything!


First impressions are vital when it comes to promoting your products or service in magazines, sales literature or on the web. The last thing people want to see when opening a brochure or viewing a website is a boring layouts or  inspiring imagery. It’s a fact most people will probably put down the brochure or close the window pretty much straight away if your images don’t engage them. That’s what we do: Marked Perception are a advertising, marketing and creative communications agency who specialise in commercial photographers in Leeds creating visual stimulation. The best way of achieving this is to use relevant photography in a substantial fashion while keeping your literature relevant.

When we are approached by clients, our team like to look at their photographic projects from both sides. It’s never been in our nature to just turn up and shoot, instead we like to solve problems and offer sound, deliverable solutions that give our clients an edge when promoting their products and service.

Whether they are looking for simple, no frills images or a more involved shoots for their latest advertising campaign, brochure or catalogue, we deliver above and beyond. It’s that service which has earned us the enviable reputation we have today once people realise that photography is another of our great services that we offer, combining design skills, art direction and photography all under one roof. Have a project in mind? Let us help you!

Our  Capabilities

  • Portrait
  • Fashion
  • Product
  • Packaging
  • Food & Drink
  • Events
  • PR
  • Lifestyle.
  • Corporate
  • Commercial
  • Art Direction
  • Makeup artist | Styling
  • Image retouching
  • Post Production


Our Benefits


  • Both Half and Full Day rates
  • Initial Briefing
  • Photographer + Art Director [Make-up artist/ stylist £P.O.A
  • Scalable – any project, any size.
  • Instant review of photographs – we shoot direct to laptop so you can review easily.
  • Editing images
  • Deliverables – We choose the best images from the shoot, edit them [brightness, cropping, colour effects etc] and present on disc at high resolution [print] and low resolution [online]
  • Retouching – The images will look great, but if there’s anything special you need doing [skin smoothing, removing wires/ unwanted items] we can help.


Our portfolio selecting ‘Photography‘ to view some of our samples of work to date.

Choosing the right creative photographer for your project can be difficult. Choosing one that delivers creativity, but also helps to make the whole process as simple as possible, can be even harder. Many of our clients have parameters to work with. So we know all to well pricing, timescales or logistical advice are as important to them as the look of our portfolio. If you need to discuss your project – we’re happy to chat. If you have a project in mind and have the time why not send us your brief today or for further information you can call Mark Womersley on +44 (0) 113 394 4522, or get in touch via our quick enquiry form.





We were recommended Marked Perception via a client of ours who had used Marked Perception in the past, as we required a good photographer for our photo shoot. From our initial meeting through to our 2 days on the shoot Mark and our chosen photographer from Marked Perception’s vast catalogue of photographers proved themselves to be extremely personable, good humoured and most importantly they ‘got’ what we were looking for. Their art direction and results were second to non and after post production we were over the moon with the results. The shoot had a product/ lifestyle focus however we would not hesitate to use Marked Perception for other assignments in the future. There rates are extremely competitive and it was a pleasure working with Mark and his team from start to finish.


Prototype Sampling


Achieving the unachievable is what we love to do!

Whatever your prototyping or model making requirements our team are here to advise you as to the most  suitable and cost effective approach to your project. From packaging to product, Marked Perception deliver a realistic quality product, on time, time after time. Working on 2D and 3D prototype packaging solutions we will work with you professionally from concept to delivery.

Using our skills, knowledge and contacts no prototype packaging project is to big or small and we have never failed to achieve our clients challenges. The prototypes we create are mainly used for design presentations, user groups analysis, exhibition and pack shot photography.

Our client base has been built on our consistent quality, our ability to achieve our clients goals and delivery to agreed [even if tight] deadlines. Our future is based on continuing to supply this level of service to meet our clients demands.

Working alongside creative agencies plus leading brands including Hugo Boss, Nestle, Dolce and Gabbana, Lacoste and many more our clients are always delighted with our advice, delivery and end results which is how we have built our reputation to date.

Looking for a solution, help or advice? Then contact us today.



The thought!

A lot of time, energy and money goes into the design of a products packaging, from supermarket shelves to counters in department stores and airports. Big money is spent designing the perfect packaging that reflects both the product and brand while ensuring the customers eyes are drawn to it. When the gig boys go to this trouble and length they want to ensure they get it right. After all it’s a big investment to print hundred’s of thousands only to get it wrong.

The idea!

That’s where we come in. No matter what the challenge, the results you are after, our team have a 100% track record of achieving not only the achievable but also the unachievable. With an endless supply of contacts we love a challenge to guarantee we deliver on time, every time the prototype solution at a fraction of the cost so you can see the physical end result before going into manufacturing.

The result!

For over 4 years we have closely partnered a packaging agency in Europe, guaranteeing what ever the quantity, whatever the challenge we have never failed to meet their demands, delivering on time, producing prototypes for brands including Lacoste, Hugo Boss, Mexx, Rocha and Dolce & Gabbana.

Every experience that I have of working with Marked Perception has been positive beyond compare.  The invaluable mix of outstanding customer service and reactivity, expert knowledge and high quality product has helped me to build great relationships and trust with my luxury brand clients by delivering above and beyond their expectations every time. I would recommend the services of Marked Perception without question. 

Miles McDermott

TAG Worldwide


Why not take a look at a selection of our prototype packaging solution right now by visiting ‘Brand Engagement’  in our portfolio.

Have a project in mind? branding agency Leeds – Marked Perception are here to help – If you have time why not send us your brief or for further information you can call Mark Womersley on +44 (0) 113 394 4522, or get in touch via our quick enquiry form below.



 Whatever your prototyping or model making requirements our team at Marked Perception will advise you as to the most suitable and cost effective approach to your project. Over the years our clients have been built on the consistent quality of work and the delivery to agreed deadlines. Our future is based on continuing to supply this level of service to our clients and growing to meet their individual  ever demands while being faced with the challenges they set.

  • Fragrance packaging.
  • Product packaging.
  • Food packaging.
  • Product Merchandise.
  • Packaging wraps.

 Using skills and partnered suppliers built up over 20 years, delivering prototypes built to suit the purpose required. We work with clients ranging from smaller businesses to big brand names such as Nestle, Dolce & Gabbana, Hugo Boss and Lacoste. Many of our clients work with us from the inital idea, through design and manufacturing to the finished product, whilst some utilise our production expertise alone.

  • Replica bottles.
  • Replica Cartons.
  • Product Model making.
  • Product launch solutions.
  • Presentation packaging.




Brand Engagement


Creating inspiring and magical moments is what we love to do!

Marked Perception work to create extra-ordinary experiences built around fresh ideas and the connection of on and offline media. Focusing on creating inspirational ideas that are shared everywhere. Companies use Marked Perception where they require a Big Idea, magical moment or an amazing experience that can change hoe people feel, perceive and interact with your brand, product or service. If you are looking for alternative ways to engage your audience then get in touch with us.





The thought!

Marked Perception push the boundaries of how brands and companies engage with consumers away from their homes and place of work. Our ideas lie in innovation, experimental media,

The idea!

Marked Perception push the boundaries of how brands and companies engage with consumers away from their homes and place of work. Our ideas lie in innovation media, emerging technology, unique disciplines and off the wall ideas to create extraordinary live brand experiences, interaction and consumer engagement.

The result!

Targeting adverts to just the right people. Inspiring, amazing moments, creating extra-ordinary awareness through big ideas. Pushing the boundaries of technology, arts and the space around us. Helping client change the way consumers feel about their brands.Inspiring shareable content on mobile devices.

Mark and his team brought to our table some great ideas to market our business on the streets of Leeds, which after much joy seeing those ideas evolve helped enhance our product and engage with our audience. People around us were talking about it for weeks which could only help create awareness and it was great to see it been liked, tweeted and watched by our clients and consumers via social media  


Why not take a look at our portfolio selecting ‘Brand Engagement’ to see some samples of our work to date.


It’s our aim to help clients in all industry sectors build values and deliver to their audience ground breaking and unique marketing that captures the imagination of their audience.

  • Sculptures.
  • Projections.
  • Sensory objects.
  • Billboards.

Our main purpose is to inspire our clients and their consumers to strive to making a difference through meaningful brand engagement.

  • Motion Window Graphics.
  • Air advertising.
  • Street Graffiti.
  • Surface Murals.


Looking to engage your audience and have a project in mind. Call Mark Womersley today on +44 (0) 113 394 4522 or get in touch via our quick enquiry form below.