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Benefits of a brochure

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So, do you think you could fall in love again with the humble printed company brochure?


At Markedperception we think you’d be mad not too!

Let’s be honest with one another, in a world and society of ‘online this’ and ‘online that’,  you still  really can’t beat the feel of a beautifully designed company brochure can you?

With the explosion of the internet and online businesses, many business owners forget how important it is to still market offline as well as keeping up their online presence and forget the benefits of a brochure.

So whether you are launching a new product, advertising your services, promoting a new business, or marketing your existing company, a business brochure can help you raise awareness of  your business, products and its services whilst helping you to achieve your goals. Show prospective customers that you mean business? It should be one of the key pieces of collateral in your company’s marketing armoury.

Disagree? Then think again! Not only does it show potential customers your company is legitimate, but a high quality tactile business brochure really can seal deals while other companies rely on enquiries from their web/ social media presence. If you were to ask these companies  what happens once a potential lead has visited their site or their social media page they’d be lucky enough to get a call or the visitor may leave their email address so ‘Z’ company can bombard them  with email after email which, possibly….just possibly amongst many others the visitor might actually read (that’s as long as it hasn’t been filed under spam) but is that enough to reiterate your companies proposition and convert the visitor into a paying customer? If they were to mail out a brochure the possibility of a conversion is sure to rise.

So what benefits will your business enjoy from a printed brochures?

Brochures can’t be deleted like emails. 

Although you shouldn’t overlook the benefits of email marketing, our team at Markedperception know the humble brochure tends to be a welcome surprise for the recipient when unexpectedly received in the post. A professionally designed and printed brochure can leave a lasting impression by playing on the senses. The tactile feel of a quality paper stock, the shimmer of glossy photos that catch the eye and the smell of the ink when you first open the pages. No email can deliver such an experience.

Remember that an experienced designer would talk you through the benefits of also having your new brochure in electronic format. This could be as a page turning PDF embedded on your website, a downloadable PDF through a link on your website or as a simple optimised PDF suitable in file size for emailing to prospect customers.

This foresight may save on the initial expense of needing a large print run if your budgets are tight.

Stand out from the crowd.

A brochure brings life and sophistication to your offline marketing helping you really stand out from the crowd.

First impressions are everything. 

So make them count. Working closely with a design team will help in making sure your  company brochure has the WOW factor. This is key if you want to  attracting potential customers as an eye-catching design, high quality print, and a lasting impression will help generate a successful business.

The more you tell… the more you sell. 

People will only read your brochure if they are seriously interested in your business products or services. So providing a detailed story about your company and the  product or service you offer while giving potential customers the information they need will help to quickly identify why you are of benefit to them.

Get technical.

Your company brochure is the perfect place to demonstrate the attractions, components, advantages, and positive benefits for potential customers to use your business products or services. Try to use clean diagrams, charts and illustrations. The quality of these in print will surpass any online diagram.

Go on… show off!

A company brochure is the ideal platform to present relevant testimonials, recommendations, endorsements, and case studies. You’ve earn’t them so make sure you publicise them. Most business owners restrict the promotion of such recommendations to their websites, but including them in your company brochure too will help spread the good word.

So do you think you could fall in love with the humble printed brochure again?

Talk to our team today  on +44 (0) 113 394 4522  or  contact us via our quick enquiry form for a no-obligation chat, and find out how your business could benefit  from a new beautifully designed and professionally company brochure.




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