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Choosing a graphic designer

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So we all know what they are and what they do, but with the internet flooded with people offering their services what do you need to consider when choosing a graphic designer?

A great graphic design company or an individual graphic designer’s main aim should be to work together with YOU to deliver visual communication tools that act as an arsenal for your business that functions to building your brand and its recognition in the market place… anything less and the communication tools you are producing are little more than a glossy picture.

At Marked Perception our  team  know all to well that finding and choosing a graphic designer can be difficult because many companies like yours may have little personal experience to build on or can only go on what and who they have used to date. Often those companies have had little or no experience of truly marketing their business and are either beginning their first-time branding experiences or they have no idea how well their previous graphic designer has performed.

The reason for this is because they had not gauged the designers accomplishments in numbers.

Therefore in order to save you both time and money, while ensuring you are paying for the best in class there’s one or two things Marked Perception designers in Leeds would advise.

Here are our 6 Tips to consider when choosing a graphic designer

  • Perceptive: A graphic designer should instantly recognise that YOU are the client and that your vision, experience and knowledge of your product and or service out ways theirs. Whilst in open talks with your contender, you should feel confident that they are willing to learn about your business, listen to what you have to say. Will go away and research your competition and market place and will challenge ‘the status quo’ creating something that is unique [will stand out amongst the crowd] ensuring that the final product is eye-catching and bespoke whilst reflecting your values and not those of the designer.
  • Strategy: In point one we mentioned the word ‘Listen’ this is really important as there is No designer throughout the country who can create marketing materials that will help to build and get your brand recognised unless he or she asks the questions necessary, for establishing a short-term and a long-term strategy.
  • Thinking: Any designer that sits before you should be showcasing their work and what they have done for similar clients within your industry sector. So don’t be shy! Ask to see their work. If they do willingly show off their work to you, it’s important that you evaluate his or her level of creativity. When viewing work ask about the brief. His or hers thoughts and ideas and finally the result. All these questions will go someway to establishing if they are likely to challenge the status quo and think outside the box or if they are just likely to play it safe and produce something less inspiring for your audience to see?
  • Expertise: Ensure to ask about the designer’s experience with the latest technology and programs. Also ask them about their knowledge in print production if print is an element of your marketing strategy! Marked Perception employee a number of designers who understand print, the setting up of artwork for print and what can and can’t be achieved. Trust us, there are lots of designers out their who don’t have this knowledge which leads to time wasted with incorrect files going back and forth. So if you haven’t done so already it’s important you ask to see visual samples. Are they unique? Do they utilise cutting edge design and unusual techniques or are they dull.
  • Capability: Is the graphic designer able and willing to work on anything you challenge them with from a logo design to a complete range of marketing materials? If he or she is attempting to sell more than you’re asking for, the quality of your objective could be compromised.
  • Willingness: Is he or she at the forefront of all communications with the graphic design candidate? Or is he or she more concerned about convenience? Your graphic designer should be willing to come to your office to build a design strategy together with you and your team, sitting round your table over coffee to fresh out suggestions and brain storm some great ideas.


At Marked Perception Leeds, our team of graphic designers pride themselves on actually listening to what our clients want…their goals and objectives, constructing a brand strategy that delivers and meets your needs, thinking innovatively, staying abreast of the latest design technology, delivering personal service, and demonstrating a willingness to do whatever it takes to design something that speaks to your audience.

Make sure that when choosing a graphic designer you use our 6 tips and if they tick all the boxes and follow our ethos to design then we’ll guarantee you’ll be on to a winner.

Good luck and happy hunting.


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