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Do business cards matter in a digital age? Leeds design agency discuss!

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In the digital age with people connecting every minute on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and other well known social sites you may well ask: “Do business cards matter in a digital age”

Despite social media, the fact is that a business card is still the single most successful networking tool of all time. Why? Because it’s simple, direct, yet effective.

For centuries cards have been used as a form of marketing and advertising oneself. Fast forwarding to 2014 and the business card is still an internationally recognised method of exchanging contact information, with billions cards being printed and exchanged worldwide every year.

In the age of social media you’d be forgiven for questioning the relevancy of a physical business card  having no doubt read the headlines and heard  people proclaiming the death of print in the digital age, but actually as our lives have become more virtualised, the business card has gained an increasing importance in the real world and is more relevant than it ever was.

The reason for this is an individual’s success or failure in business can depend on the strength of their personal promotion. The business card as a marketing tool may seem a little old-fashioned, especially when there’s the potential to connect quickly and easily with millions on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. However it remains incredibly hard to stand out among the crowd of LinkedIn’s 300 million users (and counting) because to many of us are just another email address or URL.

This is why by physically meeting people and speaking face to face with them, allows us all to say a lot more about oneself,  and the exchange of a business card at the end of your conversation can speak volumes about its owner, product and/or service. A business card does something that data can’t!  It is a tangible way of saying, ‘this is me’ and this is what I do. Creating a unique and bespoke card in your marketing place will go a long way in helping people remember you and the cleverer the design… the more they are likely to remember you and show your card to their connections, colleagues and friends.



Not only is the above a business card but it also acts as a cheese grater – neat don’t you think?


People who receive this card can’t help but read the message.


A clear an informative way of letting people know your profession.


…Here’s some more designs we think are FAB.










As you can see through great design you can bring personality and emotion to your business. A business card can help you and what you do stand out and in order to design a great business card you don’t have to be a multinational business with a million-pound marketing budget to get yourself noticed.

But don’t just take our word for it when it comes to the importance of the business card. According to some of the UK’s smartest entrepreneurs, when it comes to marketing, good old-fashioned advertising and marketing methods still work best for some (not all) people.

For small to medium size companies, every new business relationships matter. Statistics claim that if the average business person was to hand out 100 business cards, it would generate £5,000 a year of business. This we would suggest depends on the nature of your business and may not apply to everyone, however here at Leeds design agency Marked Perception we believe there may be some truth behind the statement.






At the end of the day specialising in brand development and brand awareness we are all to familiar that the  secret to business success and growth is maintaining strong offline and online presence and making the most of every marketing tool that is at your disposal.

That’s why we always suggest using social networking on sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to stay in touch with your  wider audience, and use these social sites  and others to maintain a business presence online, but extend your personality and identity offline as well through traditional methods of marketing.

If you are clever, you will combine your social tools with offline marketing by creating a unique business card to share your contact details, and other online profile information like your URL, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin details  with your friends and connections in the real world.

And if your hell bent on advertising and connecting with people via social media channels then a physical representation of your online identity displayed on your business card means it becomes more than just a way to exchange your contact details. It helps you tell your story.

Already business cards can be embedded with tiny microchips that a smartphone can read to pull information from the web  whether it’s your portfolio or simply more up-do-date contact information. QR codes are used heavily to deliver the same results. In time we may even see an electronic business card. In the meantime as you can see below with microchip technology and QR codes your business card can already become a digital identity that you can share from anywhere.




The lines between online social networking and offline business networking are disappearing. But what’s clear is that a good business card should be one that is best friends with the web.

As technology evolves and designers become more creative with the print technology provided, the future of the business card will still be of great importance to the way we conduct business and providing your card stands pout enough in your market place and is able to grab peoples attention then with the aid of your business card you could be one of those people claiming that £5,000 + additional business each year simply by joining in a conversations when you are out and about. Introducing you and your business and handing over a card.

Oh and when we say great design – then a simple business card thrown together and printed on the cheap for £4.99 by the likes of  Vista Print (other low cost printers are available) is not what we had in mind! Take a look at a few more designs that we here at Marked Perception think are genius.





unique-business-cards-designs-7  unique-business-cards-designs-9


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