Make it visually appealing.

Design is extremely important when it comes to brochures, leaflets or any other printed marketing materials. If the design is boring or cluttered then people won’t bother to read the information you are providing. t’s important ant to look for a graphic designer who has a lot of experience and can show you samples of their previous work. Better yet, make sure they have positive endorsements on their website from satisfied clients, or on a third party sites like Linkedin.

Focus on benefits rather than on features.

Prospects don’t care about your product’s features. They want you to answer the question, “what’s in it for me?” and your brochure needs to be able to answer that question, or it will be tossed away!

Keep it short.

Do you really need a 10-page brochure? Generally, short, catchy brochures with a large font and a clean design are better than long, tiresome, technical brochures. So only add pages to your design where they are needed. In the long run pages that aren’t needed will save you money on the printing costs.


A beautiful designed brochure with a good use of typography and imagery can really strengthen your brand message and can be the difference between winning and loosing a potential client. A brochure shows that as a company you are serious about your product or service and can put you way ahead of your competition.


Make it personal.

Write your brochure in a direct, conversational tone – as if you are talking with a person face to face. The more personal and direct your tone is, the easier it will be for prospects to connect with your message and engage in what you are offering them.

Include a call for action.

Every marketing material should include a call for action, and this is true for brochures as well.

A call for action can be as simple as ending your brochure with the sentence “Need …….? Call today” and your phone number. The idea behind a call to action is to present the pain, your business as the solution, and to encourage the prospect to take immediate action by picking up the phone and calling you.


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