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The importance of great Photography in social media

Posted in Photography

Good photography can make or break your marketing campaign be it on or offline that's why we believe that the importance of great photography in social media is key. It's a fact that more than 300 million photos are uploaded to Facebook every day - 300 million! So in the few minutes it

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The benefits of branding

Posted in Branding

Leeds branding agency looks at the benefits of branding.   The most important thing is that Branding encourages confidence and trust in your product and/or service. Your brand is so much more than your logo – it's about the values of, and the vision for your business; it is the personality of your

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The best Halloween adverts ever!

Posted in Advertising, Creative

  They're here! The most wicked, spooktacular and funniest Halloween adverts ever.   It’s Halloween and  with  almost half of the British public afraid of the dark and things that go bump in the night, Marked Perception has taken a look through the archives of advertising in search of the adverts that make

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McDonald’s unveils new slogan

Posted in Branding, Social Media

'Lovin Beats Hatin'   The world's biggest fast food chain McDonald's unveiled their new slogan for 2015 yesterday in an attempt to stop its sales from sinking. With worldwide sales dropping by a staggering 30%. 'Lovin Beats Hatin' will be launched in a campaign aimed to spread happiness in

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Tips when designing a logo

Posted in Branding

  10 Tips when designing a logo   So you are wanting to design a logo for your business, product or service? If you think designing a logo design is an easy process,  then think again. To begin with, a logo is not  colours, fonts and fancy lines put together. A logo is a brand’s

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Adidas win the world cup 2014 branding battle

Posted in Digital It's no secret that when adidas run a marketing campaign they do it right, and that's why this year during the World Cup in Brazil they won the branding battle. Engaging audiences they painted 32 London red busses black to represent one for each team taking part in the World Cup

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PMS Pantone Colour Of the Year 2014

Posted in Creative, Design, Print

Designers and creative geeks will be delighted to know that this years Pantone colour of the year 2014 has been announced as Radiant Orchid, succeeding 2013′s colour Emerald. Leatrice Eiseman, Executive director of the Pantone Colour Institute said that the colour of 2014 is an invitation to innovation” that “encourages expanded creativity and originality.

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Government gives the go-ahead to unbranded packaging

Posted in Branding, Design

After dropping plans last year, the Government commissioned research into the effect of plain packaging. Public health minister Jane Ellison told the House of Commons today that the Chantler Review ‘makes a compelling case that if standardised packaging were introduced, it would be very likely to have a positive impact on public

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Advantages Of Direct Mail

Posted in Marketing your business

  If the internet is so great, why do the big boys like Sky, Virgin and the high street banks still insist on using Direct Mail in their marketing strategy to win new custom? The answer is, because the internet is great but if you limit your marketing to the internet only,

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Choosing a graphic designer

Posted in Branding, Creative, Design

So we all know what they are and what they do, but with the internet flooded with people offering their services what do you need to consider when choosing a graphic designer? A great graphic design company or an individual graphic designer’s main aim should be to work together with YOU

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