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The benefits of branding

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Leeds branding agency looks at the benefits of branding.


The most important thing is that Branding encourages confidence and trust in your product and/or service. Your brand is so much more than your logo – it’s about the values of, and the vision for your business; it is the personality of your business and the promise that it makes to your customers. If you do experience a one-off issue with a product or service, you can rest assure your customers are  likely to be far more understand and forgiving if your brand ethos proves that you’ll do what it takes to resolve the problem.

Traditionally a brand was associated with a consumer product, but increasingly now service providers are understanding the benefits of branding. With a product you have tangible benefits to sell but with a service there is nothing to see, touch or taste. Therefore your customers can only make a judgement about your service after they have agreed to buy, which means you have to build trust and confidence with them and this is much easier with a strong brand which you have based on your values.

Once you have created the emotion that appeals to your target market, a strong, recognisable brand will act as a short cut in their decision making process. Instead of looking at alternatives and comparing options where there is no clear difference, your customers can instantly select your brand because they know what it stands for and the values your company holds.

Brands however go beyond making promises. Important as promises are, a brand will go one step further to create an emotional bond with your audience, encouraging them to share their experiences with friends, work colleagues and family. Enthusiastic people every day talk about their favourite brands. Now imagine them talking with such passion about yours.

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