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Looking for a new design agency to hit your deadlines?

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Is Your current agency missing deadlines? – see how Leeds design agency Marked Perception can help you.


Missing your deadlines is not only a hassle it’s time-consuming to correct the issues, and  nine out of ten times it will cost you money. Missing a deadline can have an overall detrimental effect on your service/offering to your client and worst of all it can make you look unprofessional in front of your clients. So you may now be looking for a new design agency or print management company to resolve this issue because you might have been in one or more of the following situations:

1. Missing print deadlines – You may have had a product launch an event or a grand opening, but a missed print deadline has meant you have nothing to give out.

2. Late delivery of materials to shows/exhibitions – Leaving you stood next to a blank wall with nothing to show?

3. I don’t know who my point of contact is? – You needed to make a last minute amend or something wasn’t correct and there’s no-one who seems to know what is happening. Leaving you frustrated and in the lurch.

4. Delayed/mixed up delivery of materials – The products all went out on time but to the wrong place, leaving you with a logistical nightmare when you have other things to do.

We know things no matter how well planned can and do go wrong, how these things are rectified matters greatly. Marked Perception believe that prevention is better than cure and with a little help from a design agency who have experience in delivering materials on time every time, not only creatively but physically, these situations can be averted.


So what does Marked Perception  do to prevent you missing a deadline?


Apart from a wealth of experience and a team of dedicated designers We have various systems in place to ensure any project you place with marked Perception has a successful and smooth outcome. These systems include:

1. A project management system – We book in projects once costs are agreed, giving you projected delivery dates that fit into your project schedules providing you with an order acknowledgement – Deadlines are always taken in to account when booking in work and delivery is agreed in writing.

2. Constant feedback – We give you regular (daily if required) updates to ensure deadlines are maintained and managed.

3. Assigning a key person to your project – A point of contact who not only understands the project but will be working on it from start to finish. We also talk to each other to ensure our designers and production team know when everything is required.

4. Sign off procedure – Before any project is sent to print we check not only the design but also any specific requirements for delivery, such as multiple addresses and time sensitive deliveries. If requested we can also provide proof reading services or copy writing.


fancy having a chat?

So if you’re looking for a new design agency that meets deadlines, speak to Mark at Marked Perception on 0113 394 4522.  By working with marked Perception you are guaranteed that fantastic creative input, attention to detail and professional approach will be applied to all of your brand communications and design.

We have always found that we get the best results when we are involved from the very beginning of a marketing project or campaign. Not only is it better from a creative point of view it can save time and money – if you get the creative concept right first all subsequent jobs will run quicker and smoother. The full range of branded communication services that this can then be applied to includes:


  • Strategy and Planning
  • Branding and Logo design
  • Packaging
  • Brochure and Leaflets
  • Exhibition and POS
  • Direct Mail and Advertising
  • Website and Digital


If you have a project in mind then you should call Mark today on 0113 394 4522 and discuss how Leeds design agency Marked Perception can help your business prevent missing deadlines or contact us via our enquiry form below.





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