A marketing revamp or redesigning of any marketing materials whether on or offline, above or below the line can be a very involved process, and it is important to properly plan and consider the necessary factors that will make or break the redesign which is our our brand strategists and designers at Marked Perception can help. Here is a quick look at factors that you should be contemplated.

What is the goal of the Market Revamp?

What do you hope to accomplish? It’s always important to have a clear understanding of your reasons and motivations as they should impact the decisions that you make along the way. Without knowing these goals the project will lack direction and you will likely wind up with with literature or a website  that still doesn’t meet your companies needs.

Is this going to be just a minor upgrade or a complete overhaul of your exhausting marketing?

A redesign could be anything from a minor facelift to an entirely new look. Obviously the time, effort, and cost involved will vary, but first you should determine what types of changes are required to your marking for you to meet your goals with the design. If a complete redesign is done you will also want to consider to what extent the new design should resemble the old design. If  existing customers are coming back to you for a repeat product or service, chances are you will want them to notice the new design style without feeling like they’ve never done business with you before.

What aspects of your current design are most effective?

Most likely there are some things about your current designed literature or website that work very well, and these may be aspects that you would like to keep or incorporate into the new design. It’s a good idea to make a simple list of your likes and dislikes to help with decisions on the new design when speaking to your designer.

What aspects of the current design are not effective?

Building on what aspects are important, if you are redesigning the your sales and marketing literature or website you are bound to want to get rid of some specific aspects of the website or the design that aren’t productive. Are there some characteristics of the design that do not accurately portray your business to new visitors in the way you are wanting to be perceived? Remember it is all about perception.

 Who are your target users?

During any design process you never want to lose focus on your audience. By knowing who you are targeting and how you can meet their needs, you will be on your way to creating effective marketing materials or a website. So it is important to consider what style of design are your audience to like?

How can the website be more user-friendly?

Improving the functionality and usability of a website or the way your content appears within a brochure is always a good thing. It’s pointless to spend time and money on a redesign that looks great but simply isn’t easy to navigate around in the case of a websit or does not explain the content order clearly in a brochure.

Does your logo or branding need to be changed or updated?

Most likely your sales literature or website will include some form of your logo or branding. Are these items still up-to-date and will they work effectively with your new designs? If your logo or corporate identity  is out-of-date and not attractive, a new design may not do much good if it is still using the same old logo or brand.

Should the color scheme change or remain the same?

We have already mentioned  mentioned that most of the time you will want to keep some elements of your design looking familiar in order to stay connected with repeat clients. Using a similar colour scheme is one of the best ways to accomplish this. A lot of times it can be a good idea to make some minor changes to the color scheme, such as changing shades of colors or adding a few new colors, just to give your literature or website a fresh look, but at the same time it is important to stick to your brand or corporate colours.

What should be the focal points of the design?

Every design is going to draw attention to certain parts of the brochure or website in one way or another. By knowing what you want to emphasize you will have more control over what gets attention from your audience.

What does your audience want from your marketing literature?

Meeting the needs of your audience is important to the success of any marketing campaign or sales team. Will your audience be coming to your site or picking up your brochure looking for information? If so, make it easy to find the information and make it a prominent part of the design. Will your audience be looking for a products? Or will they be looking for some other reason? Anticipate what your audience will want and do your best to give it to them.

What will make your audience make an enquiry or want to come back at a later date?

Most likely you’ve considered how the new design can make a solid first impression, but what is it about  your literature or website that will ensures your audience makes an enquiry or will come back to visit your site for more information?


If you re able to answer these questions then you are more than half way there. However if you are struggling then you need to talk to our team. Either way Marked reception has the experience you’ll need to point you in the right direction and help you revamp your on or offline presence. For help getting started call Mark Womersley now on +44 (0) 113 394 4522 to arrange a meeting or haver a friendly chat or get in touch via our contact form.