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Should you invest more in digital or traditional marketing?

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Here at Marked Perception we get asked this questions all the time being advertising, marketing and design specialists.

Should I invest more in digital or traditional forms of marketing 

Can traditional marketing offer the same reach and frequency as digital 

Which will get us the better results, using digital advertising over traditional advertising and marketing 

After hearing all these questions our answer is always the same: It’s not either or! It is both.

Where you place the majority of your effort depends on how far along the  path you are. If you already have a large social media network and your brand is subconsciously on your markets mind, or if you are the dominant leader  in your business sector, there is an upside for you to promote your business on the digital end of the advertising spectrum.

However, if people are less familiar with your service and more importantly product, then going down the more traditional route of mailing or the handing out of brochures is still a marketing method not to be ignored.


Advantages of a brochure

Flexible in design – Brochures are compact and informative. Both can convey your message quickly and cost-effectively while highlighting the points you want noted.

Advertising benefits – The beauty about a brochure is that it can be any size you want allowing you to place them on car windshields, hand them out to passersby or at networking events, mail them to potential customers and place them in your reception area where visitors can easily take them away to have a read. They can also be placed in point-of-sale displays where your product is sold. Due to their size, people will be more likely to hold onto a company brochure than a leaflet which appears more disposable.

In the hands of a potential client, there focus is on your product and service and yours only. Unlike the internet they have no where else to go or look at that moment in time. Unlike the internet if they have a need they will browse through your brochure longer than they will your website as your competition is not 2 clicks away.

It saves time – Unlike typing a full letter to a customer answering an inquiry, sending a brochure that contains the requested information saves you time and exposes the customer to a great product, service or deal. Unlike an email you don’t have to customise brochures or address them specifically to a customer. You can pop a brochure into an envelope and mail it out to potential customers without hassle.

Unlike the internet  you don’t have to loose time waiting for your website to crawl up the rankings on Google to be found more easily by your target market. With a brochure it is in your hand, ready and waiting for you to approach your ideal customers.

Of course with every advantage there is a disadvantage.




Cost – Brochures may offer a heap of advantages like flexibility of design, format and content  but printing them still incurs some costs. With them  being so easy to distribute, you may print a great deal more to be confident of reaching enough people. You may also require  brochures to be reprinted when the information they contain becomes outdated. To tackle this issue many of our clients  print brochures that don’t include information like pricing, which can change frequently and instead display URL links or QR Codes that re-direct the reader to they websites where pricing can be altered on a day-to-day basis.

Limited Space – Brochures are small and are limited by the number of pages and the amount of space available to showcase a company or product. Brochures feature small paragraphs and bullet points, which often may not be sufficient to make a sale, however on the plus side you can get the main points across to gain interest and use brochures to draw people in while using brochures to supplement their other sales activity.

Environmental concerns – A brochure even when printed on recycled paper, is not an environmentally friendly means of advertising because a single brochure generally reaches a single customer. However for every customer that views your product or service online needs to power their computer, laptop , iPad or phone which equally damages the environment.

So the question is ‘Should you invest more in digital or traditional marketing?’

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