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Benefits of a brochure

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benefits-of-a-brochure-leeds-agency-markedperception So, do you think you could fall in love again with the humble printed company brochure?   At Markedperception we think you'd be mad not too! Let's be honest with one another, in a world and society of ‘online this’ and ‘online that’,  you still  really can’t beat the feel of a beautifully designed company brochure can you? With the explosion of the internet and online businesses, many business owners

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Looking for a new design agency to hit your deadlines?

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  Is Your current agency missing deadlines? – see how Leeds design agency Marked Perception can help you.   Missing your deadlines is not only a hassle it’s time-consuming to correct the issues, and  nine out of ten times it will cost you money. Missing a deadline can have an overall detrimental effect on your service/offering to your client and worst of all it can make you look unprofessional in front of your clients. So you may now be

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10 essential tips on how to create an effective brochure! Leeds design agency discuss.

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(1) Make it visually appealing   The key attribute is to make it visually appealing. OK so that would be common sense but you'd be amazed at the number of brochures we come across that fail to achieve this. Design is extremely important when it comes to brochures, leaflets or any other printed marketing materials. If the design is boring or cluttered then people won’t bother to read the information you are providing. It's important that your graphic designer

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Do business cards matter in a digital age? Leeds design agency discuss!

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  In the digital age with people connecting every minute on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and other well known social sites you may well ask: "Do business cards matter in a digital age" Despite social media, the fact is that a business card is still the single most successful networking tool of all time. Why? Because it’s simple, direct, yet effective. For centuries cards have been used as a form of marketing and advertising oneself. Fast forwarding to 2014 and

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Should you invest more in digital or traditional marketing?

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  Here at Marked Perception we get asked this questions all the time being advertising, marketing and design specialists. After hearing all these questions our answer is always the same: It’s not either or! It is both. Where you place the majority of your effort depends on how far along the  path you are. If you already have a large social media network and your brand is subconsciously on your markets mind, or if you are the dominant leader

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