Good photography can make or break your marketing campaign.

More than 300 million photos are uploaded to Facebook every day, so in the few minutes it takes you to read this, a million more will be added -not to mention the charts, graphics, illustrations, doodles and other images that were pinned to Pinterest or posted to Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Google+. With everyone snap happy with their cameras on their phones more and more pictures are viewed and all of a sudden everyone claims to be a professional photographer but both you and our photographers at Marked Perception know this is not the case.

So how do you get visual content to work for your company and what is the importance of it?

Rather than relying on boring stock photos, the smartest businesses are looking to photographers who can shoot images that help them evolve their brand and tell a visual story of who they are.

Marketing is all about communicating your value. Tapping into the use of commercial photography is an excellent opportunity to create messages for your business that makes you unique.

Why use a professional photographer to go visual?

Online publisher Mashable and EyeTrackShop recently found that participants in a webcam eye-tracking study spent less time looking at Facebook wall posts and advertisements and more time looking at the cover photo on brand timelines.  As every brand  or business tries to create content that can be picked up and read, seen on the street, in-store or online to attract customers, the quality of the imagery becomes increasingly ever more important. So as business you have to produce images that help you stand out from the crowd.

See content moments everywhere.

Many of the well known brands or organizations have photographers they contact in times of need – for events, product launches, etc.

You have a great image bank of inspiration right in front of you, but it’s the trained eye of a photographer that know’s how to look for it and it’s a professional photographer that can capture your product in the right light or customers using your product or service in a real life situation as opposed to staged shots or logos.

Show how your product lives in the world. 

A professional photographer will be able to capture the emotion that your product or service brings to your clients. People look for emotional value and they make buying decisions baste on their instinct.

Embrace images as brand art.

For a lot of business, content equals text.But photographs and other visual materials should be staples of your marketing mix so using a professional photographer will give you a bank of images that you can populate your e-mails, website and marketing collateral with to capture attention and entice engagement and click-throughs.

To achieve this you need to have bold, unique and modern professional imagery in your corner.

If you are in need of Art Direction or professional photography why not view our portfolio then contact us to arrange a meeting with one of our photographers or if you want to understand more the importance of photography in marketing call Mark Womersley on +44 (0) 113 394 4522 or contact us via our quick enquiry form.





Up for a challenge?

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