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‘Tailored To Suit You’ Brochure

Client: Pinney Talfourd Solicitors.


With their headquarters and three offices in the south award winning Essex firm of solicitors Pinney Talfourd providing legal advice to individual and business clients with a reputation for quality, tailored services and a friendly non stuffy approach.


Pinney Talfourd’s partnering directors contacted markedperception to design and produce a bespoke ‘high end’ brochure that would leave their mark and create an impact in their market sector.

After a short meeting at their Upminster office and initially presenting some initial design concepts, Catherine and Phil (Firms Partners) were excited by what we could offer as a Leeds based design agency and were keen to  commission us with no concerns to the distance between Leeds and Upminster.

During the initial briefing   Pinney Talfourd brought it to our attention that they were a West End team of Solicitors based in Essex offering bespoke and tailored services to all their clients. This quickly lead to us creating their new strap line ‘Tailored To Suit You’.

‘Tailored To Suit You’ influenced the concepts and design ensuring that every unique image on every service page had a connection to tailoring by having a simple stitch in the images used! A suit jacket, a surgeons chair, a stitch on the sole of a shoe, everyone unique to one of their legal services.

Using their corporate Grey and Purple combined with strong black and white images lead to a legal brochure that was a ‘cut above the rest’.

Working closely with the directors and marketing manager we helped establish their marketing positioning, identify their unique selling points (USP’s) and highlight key messages.

Developing the content, writing the copy and  art directing a selection of the photographic  images while carefully sourcing and selecting additional suitable pictures from a stock image library which we purchased ad digitally retouched there was a seamless synergy between them all. Pinney Talfourd  wanted the overall look to be unique, bespoke, premium and tailored to their brand. With focus not to hand them out willy-nilly but instead to share only with businesses  or individual clients that took their legal matters seriously meant they were willing to spend that little extra on the paper stocks, print production and the overall finishing.

Since the release markedperception have gone on to design and produce external window graphics, pop-up banner graphics, internal wall displays, magazine and press adverts and are currently working with external programmers to design and build their new website….watch this space! After a successful start to the partnership markedperception are delighted to be now assigned as Pinney Talfourd’s Design Agency.



From nothing markedperception created a fantastic brochure that we are proud to show existing and new clients. They took control of the project from the outset and helped us write the content, define key messages and source suitable images while photographic the rest to match the images sourced. The whole process was handled professionally  and we look forward to work with Mark and his team again. We are truly delighted with the results


Disciplines on this project:  


  • Art Direction
  • Photography
  • Copywriting
  • Design
  • Print Sourcing
  • Print Management
  • Brand Engagement


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