Why Printed Marketing Materials Are Still Important

What we could never have imagined in the late 90’s has become a reality: everything has moved online. We shop online, we do our banking online, we play games online, and we even socialize online. In addition to all of this  research is showing us that when making buying decisions, the first place people go to for researching their options is now the Internet. Which brings up the question, if everything takes place online these days, and especially if you’re an online business, should you still use printed marketing materials such as brochures as part of your marketing strategy?

Marked Perception takes a look into the advantages of Print and why printed marketing materials are still valuable.

The short answer to this question is yes. Marketing has never been about just one medium. It’s always a mistake to focus on just one aspect of marketing and to neglect the others. A good marketing campaign utilizes many different mediums to generate many different leads, then nurtures them until they are ready to become customers. Our team believe there is never one method of marketing that fits all, that’s why the smart marketers ‘Test & Measure’ varied methods of marketing their products or service, note the results, then roll out those that work on a larger scale and drop those that have no response.

So that’s why,  while “online” is really hot these days, the physical world still exists, and there are enough potential customers who, after the initial online research, expect to see printed material. These people typically find it difficult to trust a business if it’s completely virtual. They need to know that you have a physical address, a phone number, and that they can see a brochure or other types of printed material before they commit to you. Marked Perception know all to well that if you ignore these consumers, you have just lost a segment of the population that could have been interested in your product or service plus people still psychically like to touch and flick through printed literature.

You also need to consider the value of the product. For example if you are buying a car are you happy to view it on line or would you prefer to be able to refer back to a brochure where you can look at the make, model and interiors? BMW, Audi, Jaguar and many more would agree you do.

No doubt, when you plan your marketing budget, you need to pay special attention to online components, including your Web site, your blog and your social media activity . Ideally, you want to have a great logo, and you want your logo to appear on all online venues (main site, blog header, Facebook, Twitter etc. but to keep your brand highly unique and identifiable, you should also have the same logo appear on your business cards and on any printed marketing materials such as brochures and flyers.


Brochure and printed marketing materials are still as customers can relate to your offering and understand the benefits quicker and easier.  

Our team at Leeds Print Management Agency Marked Perception don’t just follow the trends and still love designing printed materials for many of our clients carefully considering the printing process, creating and coming up with new print ideas and techniques that create a real WOW factor and grab the attention of your audience leaving them wanting more. For more information why printed marketing materials are still important or if you have a project in mind, why not talk to Mark Womersley today o+44 (0) 113 394 4522 or get it touch with us via our contact form to arrange a meeting and hear our ideas.